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  1. Hi Attila, Yes, I see that Scope and Scripting can do it, thank you. But I want to get it working in Logger. This is because I have signal changes that occur in the 10 ns to 100 ns timescale, but these occur in response to inputs that change over 0.1 s to 10 s. The Record mode in Scope seems limited by buffer size. Is it any better in Logger? I also want to log the difference between Ch1 and Ch2, and preferably calculate the AC RMS, Peak2Peak, rise/fall time of that difference in Logger. Those calculations are trivial in Scope. Any advice would be appreciated. I'll keep trying in the mea
  2. Thanks Attila, but I still have not got this working in Logging. The same error re-appeared. When I changed the Scope script to Scope1. etc., that stopped working. BTW I'm only using one scope at present. Thanks for the tip on addressing measurements in short form. In Scope, I used Scope.measure("Phase") and it gives identical numbers to the long form script. Any other advice?
  3. Any advice on how to get a phase measurement (between Ch1 and Ch2) included in Logging? Digilent offer the following code, which works fine for me on Scope, but not (so far) Logging. I get the error, "Uncaught exception at <anonymous script, id=2091515652512>:6: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Scope" Thanks in advance. Version from Digilent // initialize local variables var sum1 = 0 var sum2 = 0 var sum12 = 0 // for better performance get and use local copy of data array var d1 = var d2 = var c = d1.len