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  1. I mounted a BNC adapter to a Analog Discovery 2 on a acrylic plate (see Pic) In this configuration the 1+, 1-, W1 and W2, are marked NC, NC, NC, NC on the BNC and are disabled. Is there a way to bypass the BNC and make those pins active again without removing the BNC adapter? Is the same true also for the Breadboard Adapter? In other words, is there a way to make the BNC adapter work together with the Breadboard Adapter? Thanks rpensotti@comcast.net
  2. Thanks, Is there a chance that the WaveForms software will be made available for Android Tablets?
  3. Wow, I'm impressed. My first question: Can both the USB cable to a PC and the external (barrel connector) power supply (5.0 V 4.0 Amp) be connected at the same time? Will AD2 then select automatically from which source draw power? Thanks