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  1. Hi Attila Sorry to bother you! This has been on my wishlist forever... All good - I'm not understanding trigger situation - now do! AD2 is an amazing instrument - unbelievable to fit so much in just like a smartphone, only better
  2. Hi All I used AD2 with a Digilent Impedance Add-on board, and absent-mindedly pulled it off while it was still on and active! The result is that, although the impedance measuring process works ok, and I can use the wavegen 1/2 on the scope 1/2 with jumpers externally, it won't trigger internally now. A curious thing is that in Static DIO, the pins react with a flickering when I run my fingers along the pins. Looking at the CCT, it seems I could have damaged the internal digital 3.3V supply, IC30 AD2503, which just seems to be for the diode protection ccts of the dio's. What to do do now? I Re-installed Waveforms, reset calibration...
  3. New here in these forums. I have an Analog Discovery 2 for a few months now ... Cheers