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  1. Hi @jpeyron, The Phy detect error was because the MDIO and MDC pins in the Zync blocd design were connected to EMIO instead of MIO pins. Once I changed the pin connection, phy detection worked fine. But, the example application still didn't run successfully. Now, the code waits infinitely for the receive complete interrupt, which doesn't seem to get called at all. It would be really helpful if someone who has tried emacps DMA interrupt could answer this.
  2. Hi @jpeyron, PFA the screen shot of the Vivado block design. Yes, I am using the Digilent board files. I tried the echo server example and it works, but the EMACPS DMA interrupt example is failing while detecting PHY.
  3. Hi, I created a Vivado Project with just Zync PS and used the hardware platform to run the EmacPS Intr DMA example in SDK. The code fails at detecting phy address and returns "Error detect phy". I am using Vivado 2017.4 and Zybo Z7-20 development board. I went through a lot of forum discussions about the same issue and many of the discussions deal with PetaLinux project. Mine is just a baremetal application. I also tried connecting ENET0 reset to pin 50, but it didn't help. Can you please help find where the problem is?
  4. Hi @sbobrowicz, I am using PetaLinux v2017.4. I did post the query in Xilinx Embedded Linux forum and got it solved. About the Makefile, it doesn't get generated for 'install' template, only for C and C++ it gets generated.
  5. Hi, I have two question regarding adding an application into Petalinux file system. I created an application called receiver using SDK. And, ran the following command to create the application in PetaLinux. $ petalinux-create -t apps --template install --name receiver --enable 1. Is it enough if I replace 'receiver' file under 'files' folder with 'receiver.elf'? 2. Makefile is not found under files folder. Is there a way to generate it? Makefile is created for other templates like C and C++, it is not created for install.
  6. Hi @jpeyron, Thanks for the reply. I have already read the mentioned thread. My problem was not with the name of the application, it was with the build command. The problem is solved by using $ petalinux-build -c myapp
  7. Hi, I am trying to create and install an application for Zynq using PetaLinux. I have created a new project as per ug980 and have created an app as per ug981. When I run 'petalinux-build -c rootfs/myapp' it fails with ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'rootfs/myapp'. I have not edited the source code. I am just trying to build myapp into the existing system image. Another observation is, when I built gpio-demo. It threw ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'rootfs/gpio-demo'. Close matches: gpio-demo. I am wondering what would have caused the error.