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  1. Dear @jpeyron, Thank you.
  2. Can we interface EMIC 2 module (text to speech convertor) with ZYBO board?
  3. Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to only receive data on ZYBO via BT2 from a sensor. For now I just want to Interface BT2 with a Bluetooth enabled computer. I've added IP Core for BT2 and everything is set. I can't find a sample c code for how to receive data and save them or write it on terminal.
  4. hi @Notarobot, i'm sorry if I didn't make sense. The problem that I was facing was that the contents of text file (generated by MATLAB) that I was trying to read from SD card had numeric data. whenever I read the data from SD card It got converted into ASCII in read buffer, whereas I wanted decimal values in the buffer so that I can store them into memory. but if I somehow converted my textfile contents into Unicode (the format that xil_write generates in output file), PS would read them perfectly as decimal numbers. I was unable to convert my file contents into that format since da
  5. Hi everyone, I'm working on a project in which I've to store data that've been read from SD card into the BRAM in SDK (PS). and read that data from PL in Vivado. The question is how should I connect the BRAM Generator IP with the ZYNQ7 PS IP to give the BRAM access in PS.
  6. Hi @Notarobot, I want to read data from a .txt file on SD card which are basically pixel values of rgb image. I observed that I cannot just copy that text file in SD card and read it. So, I first created a .bin file using f_open command, once created, I than converted the contents of my text file into binary and copied them into the .bin file created by the command. but now if I plug back the SD card and try to read the same file, it fails at f_open function. Commands for creating file are commented out in the attached screenshot
  7. Hi @Notarobot, @jpeyron Thank you for your concern. After enabling SD_0 in PS in Vivado and creating a BSP in SDK for SD Application, I added all the files from src folder of diver sdps_v1_00_a to the src folder of User App in .sdk. if I debug the project I get following error. Secondly are these files in src folder just for configuration? Do I have to add another .c source to put read write commands for sd_card?
  8. hi @jpeyron, I followed the guide at GitHub under Readme in PMODSD. can you please guide me step wise on how to start from block design and than going to SDK and running the demo. I have added the pmodsd and zynq PS IPs, after auto connection and running the generate bitstream I get following error. I need your guidance at this
  9. Hi, I want to read a .txt file from a SD card and load it into a register vector. is this possible? because I've read somewhere that file handling can only be done at simulation time to load values/inputs from files. basically I want to display a 16-bit colored image on LCD using VGA on ZYBO. I've extracted the R, G, B values from each pixel using MATLAB and now I want to assign them to respective r, g, b vector of each pixel which can only be done using file handling, since MATLAB exports these values to .txt file
  10. hi @jpeyron Thank you for you concern. I couldn't find because I was choosing wrong board (selecting the part instead) and I missed the step for unchecking the auto update wrapper. found it in destined folder once I selected the right board.
  11. Hi @jpeyron can you please help me out with step 12 and 13, when I add these files, the windows also asks me for partition type. I added the .bit file but where can I find the .elf fie? I looked for it but I cant find that "bootloader" mentioned in step A.3 of appendix A of attached tutorial.
  12. Yes, I generated .bit file but when I tried to Export Hardware along with bit file it failed (picture attached), though it exports successfully export without including .bit file Project path is C:\Users\LENOVO\Documents\Vivado\slow_clk\ And I'm running Windows 10
  13. please help me out at launching SDK. I try to launch it under the File menu button, a window "Launch SDK" opens asking for Export Location. what do I have to do there. it gives error "An exported file for this module is not found at this location. Choose another export location or export design and launch SDK"
  14. @jpeyron thanks for the concern, I tried that solution. but its not helpful while working on Vivado using Verilog Language. I precisely needed solution for Vivado 15.4 and I'm working on Verilog for ZYBO
  15. Hi, I'm working on ZYBO SoC. I want to boot it from QSPI flash but it fails anyhow. I have tried two methods using Vivado and IMPACT tool. 1. After successful implementation I created .bit and .bin files for a simple led_blinky project. Than I added "Configuration Memory Device" and selected Spansion s25fl128s 3.3v flash. I loaded the .bin file and then Erased, Verify and Programmed the flash step by step by checking the checkbox. The problem is with verify step. It fails every time. even then if I program it ignoring the failed verify step, it obliviously doesn't boots the pr