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  1. Hi, I want extend NetFPGA SUME of 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps. However, I'm lost. I read the paper "NetFPGA SUME: Toward 100 Gbps as Research Commodity". The authors describe a lot of ways. One way is to use the FMC Mezzanine board. I have some doubts about as I can make this: - 100 Gbps, is it possible? - Which is FMC Mezzanine compliant with NetFPGA SUME? - Is there some project 100 Gbps available? - Which do I need to modify on reference switch to reach 100 Gbps? Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, I'm with problem in the acceptance test. When I run acceptance test, the DDR3 test fail. In the reference manual (git hub NetFPGA SUME) is describe that tests with memory can to fail. The test log (figure in attach) shows the message "ddr3: Calibration Failed". I executed the test a lot times and the error continued appearing. That is a problem with hardware? How I can solved? Thanks.