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  1. Attila, Thanks so much for all your help. I have been really impressed with your rapid replies. I tried everything you said and final found out I am a moron. I thought the "Level" was the voltage offset from the median voltage (In my case 2.5 V) so I never used a trigger voltage above 1 V due because that was the maximum output of my puls with respect to the 2.5 V carrier. So, problem solved.
  2. Hi, I am running Waveforms 3 beta on my macbook and i have encounterd a problem. When trying to capture and voltage impulse from my accelerometer the Scope never reacts to it. I have set Mode to normal, with condition: rising and level:0.2V And it never captures anything. I have checked the single acq. with the waveform generator, and when using that as an input it works flawless. What could be my error here?
  3. Hey, I have emailed you too but I haven't got an answer in two weeks
  4. Hi Attila, Thanks for your fast reply. I did get it to work on my friends computer. But i did try all USB connections and a different shorter cable then the one supplied with analog discovery. Maybe the problem is due to me using a macbook. With a windows virtual machine? All the best/ Blitz
  5. Hi, Created this account to ask this: I just got the device and after plugging in the USB cable windows told me it was updating the firmware on it. I tried to stop it but couldn't. Very well. I open waveforms and see the device and chose "Select" And the reply I get is this: "Device configuration failed please check usb cable connections. for further information consult the help DPhil failed ERC:2 Programmed image id is wrong Communication after programming failed or image device id is wrong" I was so much looking forward to use the analog discovery and this start up problems really kills it. How can i fix this? / Blitz