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  1. Hello, Our board products are CE certified and ship into the EU on a daily basis. The Basys2 and 3 are both good to go. Thanks for your inquiry and for using our products. Best regards,
  2. The PmodIA is available for sale on the website at this time.
  3. JimO


    Hello, The PmodIA is up for sale on the website. I hope it's useful, have fun!
  4. JimO

    Zedboard Done Light?

    Hello, The manufacturing spec calls for the board to be configured to load from JTAG when it comes out of the box, this may be something we should change. Thanks for the note on this issue.
  5. Hello Jamey, One quick note here...we have parts available to make the robot platforms bigger. That may help if you want to continue using the Zed board. Check out the Base Plate and Extender Plate options at http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Catalog.cfm?NavPath=2,403&Cat=11