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  1. The project involves a custom network device, the extra Ethernet is essential. Thank you for responding, but, you guys realize that its significantly harder to work with the Pmod NIC100 without the IP core, right?, its a whole another world to get into Just to get this thing to work and not to mention the delay it will put on projects, AT LEAST do the ethical part and mention that on the product's page so we wouldn't buy it and ship it across the world (and it isnt cheap) to end up with a brick. question solved i guess?
  2. We are suppose to add a library from here: and add it to the projects IP repository list to be able to add the block in the IP Integrator. I have checked all the releases and i cant find the Pmod NIC100 anywhere, i think its called PmodNIC, but correct me if am wrong because i haven't seen it anywhere anyway. Until i find this IP, the Pmod is just another paperweight on my desk along with my stalled project, Please help. I am using the Arty A7: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board.