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  1. Hi all I'm currently working on a project based on ultrasound. I've created a pulsetransmitting board already which hooks into the zedboards FMC-LPC connector (I needed 64 high-speed channels), yet now I need to make a receiving side as well. Since returning signals are in the range of 250-300kHz, I was looking into ADCs of around 1MSps@12 or 14bits. (max. 4 channels needed) Now is the problem that I can't find any spec on the frequency the zedboard PMODs can handle. Is it possible to have speeds of approx 20MHz or is this out of range of the (high-speed) PMOD connectors? Would it be a better idea to make a board with a female-male connector on top of each other so I can pass the signals which need to be passed to the previous made board (as I only need a couple of its transmitting channels, stack the boards with the FMC-LPC connector) and use the other connections for an ADC board, since the FMC should be capable of higher speeds? any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Hi @jpeyron I seemed to have solved the problem, there was an error in the linux kernel after all, I had tested with an erroneous backup. Thanks for the assistance!
  3. Hi @jpeyron The voltage was set to 2V5, I'm addressing practically all pins of the fmc lpc connector yet a lot of them aren't responding (e.g. G15/LA16_P works, but G16/LA16_N isn't responding). It's all pins upwards actually from G15 on that aren't responding, same on H20: nothing going up (except the Vadj). I verified with the old linux kernel, same (bad) behaviour... J18 is set correctly... I'm wondering, could it be an issue that on my design for which I use the zedboard, I tie all the grounds together? I'm also sure that the FPGA itself is performing it's logic since in parallel I bring out the signals to the PMODs and the PMOD signals are performing well... Thanks Wouter
  4. Hi I'm currently working on a design with the zedboard (rev. D) in which I address a lot of the FMC connections. For some reason some pins which used to work aren't working anymore (tied to ground). I did change my linux kernel but I don't think this could be the case/origin of problem as: I tested it by bringing the signal going to the 'dead' FMC pins also to some PMOD pins. The PMOD pins are responding, so the logic is correct, yet the same signal is not showing up on the FMC connection. (checked with scope) Is it possible that some IO pins in a bank die and some not? As other pins in the same bank (34 and 35) are still ok and behaving normal? Thanks!