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  1. It's not bad, but since it's no longer in production I cannot buy, and also the replacement (Analog Discovery Studio) it only has 2 channels also... I'll buy other AD2 (I was thinking of Open Scope, but I think AD2 will be better), and will try the post's you've sent. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have an AD2 that I love. Sometimes I need 4 analog channels... if I buy other AD2 can I have 4 channels in the scope? I think not and I need to open 2 apps, if so is there a way that I can get the graph of both and join then on only 1 and take measurements after acquisition? Or is best to buy a 4ch scope? In this case what is the suggestions around the same price of AD2? Thanks!
  3. Hello, It looks like openscope MZ works with power bank in WIFI mode. Has anyone made a battery to use with the openscope MZ? The idea it's to make an enclose for it and you have a pack without extra wires... add a charge board and 5v converter and connect all inside the same box. Can I also use waveform 2015 In USB connection or only live version is available? Thanks, Julio Silva
  4. It's only me that would love to take my phone or tablet and use AD2 as a scope or serial monitor or...? Even if it could be less powerfull than a PC, I think it would be a great handheld solution, is anyone working or thinking about this? Regards, Julio Silva
  5. Hello, Is it possible to have several UART RX windows, I would like to have a UART sniffer, so I can have the strings for both TX and RX in AD2? I've tried in Logic, but cannot have manage to get it right, also done the save to file on trigger, but sometimes it misses and I only end up with the headers on the file, and no data decoded... It was slow baud rate (2,4k)... Also how can I force to display in HEX on the Protocol RX window? It changed automatically from HEX to CHAR when availale, but I want to force it to use only HEX all the time, is it possible? I'm
  6. Hello, I've saw the resource and it helps, but if someone already have this done it would be even better Thanks!
  7. Hello, Anyone has any enclosure for AD2 BNC adaptor add on that I can print on a 3D printer? I don't like the ideia of open PCB without any protection, it would be great if I can get an enclosure for it... Thanks! jS