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  1. Hello @JColvin That’s funny, something that is purchased & working to do specific function like programming PROM XCF02S through parallel port JTAG (ISE 10.1 Impact), you mean to say, Adept HS1 will endeavor to exclude it & make it lame programming tool! Please think and give proper solution & not such a cryptic reply expected.
  2. Hello, On my FPGA board I have FPGA XC3S400-PQG208 and PROM XCF02S. I am using Digilent’s Adept to program my device by using HS1 cable. If I program only FPGA XC3S400-PQG208 by using HS1 then it program successfully and executes also. While if I choose to program XCF02S by using HS1 it shows massage “Programming Successfully” but it fails to execute. While by using Xilinx ISE 10.1 Impact to programs FPGA XC3S400-PQG208 and PROM XCF02S, it programs successfully and executes also, in this I used parallel cable to program. I have tried .svf and .mcs both types of files. All connections are same in both programming methods i.e using ISE 10.1 Impact and Digilent’s Adept. Attaching screenshot of same please check. Thank you.
  3. Hello, 1) We are using XC3S50AN-TQG144 from 2 lots, we have two separate assemblies for each lot IC using same PCB. But older of this is working where newer showing failed to program. Please check below table, and give us suggestion on this issue. Attaching screenshot of ISE Impact 14.7 as well as Attaching screenshot of Digilent’s Adept. 2) Applied patch file for 14.7 based on forum recommendation at #AR59572 but it has no effect on the outcome. 3) Conslusion: a) New lot XC3S50AN IC is different than old lot XC3S50AN. How? Why? Solution? b) Old lot XC3S50AN can’t be program by ISE 14.2/14.7 while using same OS, Digilent’s Adept can do it. You need patch files for ISE 14.2/14.7. How? Where? Solution? Attaching test table image, please go through it. Thank you.
  4. anshumantech

    HS1 JTAG Circuit

    I want to know about the circuit diagram of HS1. Can anyone help me out with it? I searched on Digilent website too but it is currently unavailable there.