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  1. Thanks but I am curious to know about how are these cross signal issues resolved as Fig 4.1 in Arty reference manual shows direct connection of J8 and USB converter at J10. Please specify how?
  2. Page 10 which is kept blank, in Arty 7 board schematics, has USB port (J10) to USB controller patented design. The output pins from it appear at J8 JTAG port. Therefore how can we use external JTAG HS2/HS3 type module at J8 as its output will be shorting to similar pins from USB controller IC (FT2232H) connected to J10? or resistors like R145, R147 prevent them shorting each other.
  3. @JerryG Thanks, based on your efforts you may tell whether they have used FT232H IC?
  4. Thanks, for precise reply. Then question is what are you trying to hide on USB PORG UART page? Have they laid out HS1/HS3 circuit on that page? Is there any link setting to use either J8 port(HS1/HS3) or converter circuit on USB PROG UART page; something like 4 pole multiplexer? Typically FPGA has only one JTAG port.
  5. USB Prog USRT page is intentionally kept blank in circuit schematics provided by you for Arty A7-35T/100T board. Why?Is that something to do with you tying to protect some minor IP? In Arty A7 reference manual you have mentioned J8 and J10 as parts concerning programming/JTAG? Can we use HS1 or HS3 Modules for USB to JTAG programming? Will HS1 or HS3 JTAG modules enable Logic analyzer mode of web pack?
  6. @malexander Thanks, We comment as below, Your pt no 2: Do not stop publishing Adept GUI. You do not know which one works where! Somebody somewhere may find it useful & it’s relevant in this complex field of FPGA, where many realities interact with our efforts. We have now reduced problem to Adept GUI not able to program PROM using HS1, HS3 that is all! So all is well, help if you can. Not so useful moderator! Ha,ha,ha!
  7. @malexander OK thank you for reply. I have another board with spartan 6 XC6SLX4 connected to PROM XCF04S. I tried to program PROM using ISE Impact 14.7/14.2 with HS1&HS3. It is programming successfully and executes on Spartan 6. But while programming PROM using Digilent's Adept it shows Programming successfully but execution of it on FPGA is failed. Now there are two observations: 1) PROM XCF02S and XCF04S are programming successfully and executes well on Spartan 3 and Spartan 6 respectively using ISE Impact 14.2/14.7. 2) PROM XCF02S and XCF04S are programmi
  8. @malexander Hello, We have 2 different PROM XCF02S ICs, One is XCF02S V and another is XCF02S VG. I have checked datasheet of IC. In that it is mentioned VG version IC are Lead (Pb Free) Free. XCF02S V version PROM IC is failed to program under ISE Impact 14.2/14.7 using Digilent’s HS1/HS3 cable. As I mentioned earlier i.e IDCODE does not match issue (tried on different TCK frequencies but same problem occurs). But same PROM is programmed successfully under ISE Impact 10.1 with parallel port cable and transfer program to FPGA. While XCF02S VG version PROM IC is programmed s
  9. @malexander By mistaken I mentioned that JTAG is working on 5V, actually it is working on 3.3V. Issue penetrating us is: a) Hardware module contains XC3S400 FPGA & PROM XCF02S. b) If you program either of two using Impact 10.1 (Parallel port cable on Win XP) it programs either of two devices correctly. c) If you program either of two using Adept(HS1module on Win XP) it programs only FPGA but can’t load PROM (check table already sent. d) If you program either of two under Win 10 with HS1 module using Impact 14.7 or Adept, only FPGA program
  10. @malexander Thanks for reply. XC3S400 and XCF02S are powered at 3.3V, while JTAG powered at 5V. There is no any buffer/level translator in this circuitry. To configure only FPGA we shorted 1 and 2 of J13. When 2 and 3 of J13 shorted at that time FPGA and PROM both comes into picture. It’s my two observations: under ISE impact through parallel port on XP, there is an option to bypass FPGA & select PROM which apparently ensures that code related PROM & stays there. While under Adept HS1 you can’t bypass FPGA but can select PROM in that case it seems that bit stream co
  11. @malexander Thanks for your reply, Since it is a part of bigger system, I am enclosing only relevant parts of schematic. Please refer below diagrams. First diagram contains FPGA XC3S400 connected to XCF02S with JTAG chain. You can see onboard JTAG header in the same which is just a 6 pin relimate to connect HS1 cable. For configuring FPGA XC3S400 with PROM XCF02S mode selections pins are grounded using L4,L5,L6. For TDO signal, we shorted 2-3 pins of J13 which is 3 pin header. When PROM is used/included in JTAG chain; also keep J14 2 pin header shorted. In second diagram,
  12. @malexander Let us concentrate on XCF02S, let me answer your latest queries as below: In the same chain as XCF02S the board has XC3S400 FPGA & using HS1. It can be programmed as below. Now being the same chain, if its FPGA programs then it answers all your questions about operational voltage of JTAG, series resistors, VREF pin of JTAG header etc. Please check below table.
  13. @malexander Hello, Thanks for reply. As you have mentioned I tried with ISE 14.7 and 14.2 Impact through HS1 cable. But problem is related to IDcode of device. Please check attached table While programming XCF02S, I have got below problem. PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation. INFO:iMPACT:583 - '1': The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode in the bsdl File. INFO:iMPACT:1578 - '1': Device IDCODE : 00000000000000000000000000000000 INFO:iMPACT:1579 - '1': Expected IDCODE: 00000101000001000101000010010011 Please ma
  14. Hello @JColvin That’s funny, something that is purchased & working to do specific function like programming PROM XCF02S through parallel port JTAG (ISE 10.1 Impact), you mean to say, Adept HS1 will endeavor to exclude it & make it lame programming tool! Please think and give proper solution & not such a cryptic reply expected.
  15. Hello, On my FPGA board I have FPGA XC3S400-PQG208 and PROM XCF02S. I am using Digilent’s Adept to program my device by using HS1 cable. If I program only FPGA XC3S400-PQG208 by using HS1 then it program successfully and executes also. While if I choose to program XCF02S by using HS1 it shows massage “Programming Successfully” but it fails to execute. While by using Xilinx ISE 10.1 Impact to programs FPGA XC3S400-PQG208 and PROM XCF02S, it programs successfully and executes also, in this I used parallel cable to program. I have tried .svf and .mcs both types of files. All connec