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  1. Thanks Jon. Can you provide any demo project which uses on board QSPI flash of Genesys 2. I was able to simulate RDID (Read ID) command, with behavior module of the flash. But I am getting 0 when I do the same command in the FPGA board.
  2. I need QSPI flash IP for my soft processor in my Genesys 2 FPGA. AXI Quad SPI IP provided by xilinx seems to support only Spansion S70FL01G command set. Is there a IP for Digilent Genesys 2 FPGAs spansion s25fl256xxxxxx0 flash memory?
  3. I checked Nexys DDR 4 board doesnt come with power adapter. Do i need to get one or will it work with usb power supply. What is the specification needed for the adapter?