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  1. My software engineer has developed a frequency response analysis software for Windows called FRAplus . The software does not work properly with Window XP Japanese version. Now we know that the cause of the problem may be the difference of DWF.DLL files between Waveforms2015 and SDK. We have found the difference as follows: DWF.DLL attached to Waveforms2015 Ver3.3.5 Time stamp: 2016/6/15 20:13:04 Size: 665,600byte DWF.DLL attached to SDK Ver3.3.5 Time stamp: 2016/6/15 19:33:48 Size: 701,952byte The DWF.DLL file attached to Waveforms works properly with Window XP, and the other one does not work with XP. I would be pleased if you could be of help. Thank you in advance. Arito Maekawa
  2. Dear Atilla Thank you very much for your kind advice. My software engineer has confirmed what you wrote about the sample frequency. I think we can improve the accuracy on measurements. What we have been developing is an audio analyzer software for amateur Amp.-builders in Japan. Thank you again. We are happy with your analog discovery! Arito Maekawa
  3. Dear Attila Thank you for your reply. According to the reply to *Info command, the possible step is 1Hz, as you stated. And *Set command accepts any sample frequency of 1Hz step. However, after setting the frequency using *Set command, *Get command does not always replies the same frequency. Therefore, we suppose there are certain rules which are not opened. What we would like to do is to set sample frequencies which are precisely integer multiple of the measurement frequencies for accurate measurement. Would it be possible for you to ask your hardware engineer how to figure out the sample frequencies which can be set? Thank you in anticipation. Arito Maekawa
  4. Dear Attila Thank you very much for you comment. However, I think I have mislead you. When acquiring A/D data from AnalogIn of Analog Discovery, FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet command is used to set the sample frequency in advanvce. However, if you read the frequency using FDwfAnalogInFrequencyGet command after setting the sample freauency, actual freauency is sometimes different from the one you tried to set, especially at high frequencies. This fact tells us that there should be some limitations for setting sample frequencies, even if the instrument accepts any frequencies we try to set. So, could you please let me know the rules how the sample frequencies are determined? Thank you in advance. Arito Maekawa
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum. I would like to know the sample frequencies which can be set on Analog Discovery. My engineer tried to set a sample frequency and the instrument acccepted with no errors. However, then he read the frequency and noticed that the actual frequency was different from the one he tried to set. The difference may be caused by limitations on the hardware. I would be grateful if you could let me know the rules how the sample frequency is set. Thank you in advance Arito Maekawa