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  1. Hi Atila, I have been able to figure out how to use the two channels out of phase to alternate. My issue is that I'm not clear if I can create 2 parallel wire capacitors using only two WG (4 wires parallel). I attached a picture of a single capacitor that's alternating, but I need to have two of those running simultaneously, which means two total wires that are alternating their charge at 200 kHz. Do you think that's possible with only 2 WG?
  2. Hi Atila, Thanks for the speedy reply. I still do not understand what you mean regarding the input. Is there a way you could walk me through how to set up an external trigger to start two devices? Thank you!
  3. Hello there, I am a new user to the AD2 scene. What I am trying to do is create a parallel wire capacitor that will alternate the charge on the wires at a freq of 200kHz, at a voltage of 2V across the capacitor wires (in this case the wires are the male connectors) My first question is if I use the wavefunction generator as a sine wave, does the ground need to be placed on the adjacent wire to create my capacitor? What I mean is that if the W1 channel is pushing 2V to the W1 wire, is that in relation to the ground wire? Or, do I need to set up a second wavefunction generator to simultaneously be 180 out of phase, and push -2V to the W2 wire, and have that be the wire adjacent to W1 in my wire capacitor to create the E field between the two wire capacitors? I suspected that I would need a wavefunction generator for each of the wires in my system, so this leads me to the next question. If I need to create two sets of alternating parallel wire capacitors, then I will need 4 wavefunction generators at 200kHz, and thus will need atleast two AD2 devices that can trigger one another. I read the tutorial on using an external push button act as the trigger device. Could I buy a external push button that I could link to both devices? If so, could someone show me which one? Secondly, my other question is that if there is a way to use a keyboard button to be your external trigger? Thank you so much for your help!