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    I2S L1

    That is what I was assuming as well but if it is a choke mode line filter I have seen the designation as the mA rating of the inductor. Just did not know if anyone actual know the part number.

    I2S L1

    I am working on a DIY project and I accidently used a heat gun to unsolder L1 on my PMOD I2C board I looked at the schematic but do not understand what the L1 part is with the 2500 designation. Some sort of choke filter? I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on replacing this part. Thanks!!!
  3. I am trying to get the PMOD PMON1 to run on a teensy for a micro project I am working on and so far not so good. Here is my code block, please take a look and let me know if you see anything I am missing? I far I am not Serial reading anything but the "Program Started". /* ADM1191 U/I I2C converter I2C SDA ==> 18 I2C SCL ==> 19 CONF_REG[7..0] NC STATUS_RD NC VRANGE I_ONCE I_CONT V_ONCE V_VCONT V_VCONT =1, countinuosly cnv V I_VCONT =1, countinuosly cnv I VRANGE Vrange =0 -> Vr=26.52V, write I2C [ADR][CONF_REG] read I2C [ADR][Uh][Ih][Ul:Ih] */ #include <Wire.h> #define ADM1191
  4. Sorry I actually would like the .ino file.
  5. I am trying to work the PMODALS off of a Teensy 3.1. I was wondering if any one has gotten this connected and working? If so could you reply with your .h file. The DSPI is not compatible with the Teensy and converting this to arduino SPI does not seem to be working. Thanks!