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  1. Thanks all of you. i tested, and now I understand the role of the Value2Text(1,1) ! Thanks, Joaquim Silva
  2. Try to clarify my doubt: In the tab Value to Text, on the page that opens, when in AD2/LOGIC, when we want to do a script edit, you have the function Value2text (flag,value){ ... }. This the function definition that will interprets the values and display them. Bellow that definition you have, what should be a call to that function: Value2Text(1,1) My doubt is: what is the role of this,Value2Text(1,1), because if I comment it, nothing happens, the script works the same. Another doubt is that I do not see the calling of the function function Value2text (flag,value){ ... }. i
  3. The product is AD2 / logic analizer / script in order to get values from a HCS300 output. I am able to get everything I need, but I would like to know what is the function role value2text.text. I have seen it with values (1,66) but I do not have found any information on what is the need/use of it. Tkanks for you to get interested in answer. Joaquim Silva
  4. I am trying to figure out how the parameters (1,1) influence the output, but do not find any information. Can anyone help? Thanks in advnace. Joaquim Silva