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  1. Hi @JColvin Thanks for your reply. I am connecting through USB. After I posted earlier, I found that LabVIEW runtime fails to install for some reason (which had been successful previously and I was able to deploy the code BBB). This is the log OS Version: 8.4 CPU: Systemd Version: Has Internet Access: True Device Type: BeagleBone Black Connecting to target... Successfully connected to target. Successfully connected to the target. Target configuration updated. OS Version: 8.4 CPU: Systemd Version: Has Internet Access: True Device Type: Bea
  2. Hi, Following the tutorials, I was able to install labview and linx. I had developed a program, and it was running quite well. But whenever I turn my computer off and on, beaglebone fails to connect. In the sense, I'm able to connect to the beaglebone through the Linx target configuration and I can even ssh using putty. But when I go into my project and try and run the VI on BBB, it regularly pops up the error saying "Failed to connect to Target". I have vigourosly searched the entire linx forum for such an issue. And have tried everything that has been suggested but to no avail. My
  3. Hi, I am having the same issue with I can ping beaglebone and even use Putty, however, LiNX does not connect to BBB. I have followed the steps in the video and the solutions provided in this thread. But I am getting the same error. Is there anything else that I could do? thanks, adi