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  1. Thank you, this is very helpful especially providing the script syntax for a beginner like me. Let's say I would like to build my own "script trigger" or "soft trigger". I don't need it to be very accurate in terms of starting immediately but just not before the trigger. So very crudely, lets say my trigger is rising edge of DIN0 : Start Keep reading DIN0 until it is '0'. then Keep reading DIN0 until it is '1'. then Logic1.run() wait() Run a python script in system (to change some GPIB settings of some instrument) Repeat So to do the "keep reading DIN0",
  2. Just got my hands on DDiscovery today. Hoping to use it to replace my bulky old logic analyzer for testing my Analog-to-Digital Converters. Initially, I apologize If I tend to write more than I need to. I would like to have the below three functions simultaneously in the Logic Analyzer tab. 1) Synchronous with external clock: To capture 16+ channels using an external clock which would be a DATARDY flag or just sampling clock from my ADC. 2) Trigger-based acquisition 3) Repeat it for number of times while saving to file each time. So far, in Waveforms, I c