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  1. I bought my Analog Discovery about a year ago, and installed Waveforms to drive it. I assume the software has been updated since then. How can i determine the version of my software, and how can i then update it? Thanks in advance
  2. i have an Analog Discovery Oscilloscope, and normally use it with BNC connectors, but now wish to use it with a breadboard, so i'll be using the connector that comes with the 'scope. Unfortunately, all the wires leading out of the connector end in a female connector. Where can i get single header pins to turn the female connector into a male connector to plug into a breadboard? i've tried looking this up at Mouser, but all i see are 5 or more pin headers. i suppose i could break the 6 pin headers that came with the scope into 6 single pin headers, but i'd rather not be destructive if i can hel