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  1. Is there any step by step guide for MPLABX using Max32 chipkit ? Please tell me more about how I can work with MPLABX using MAX32
  2. Thank you for the support. Lastly, I am looking for example in which I can do UART communication with MAX32. When I send something from terminal software then the MAX32 send some response. Is there any already made example in MPLABX and Ardriono IDE ?
  3. Thank you and how I can re-flash the bootloader ?
  4. avrdude: stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout avrdude: stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
  5. Meaning that you can't run step by step code using usb whereas you can run step by step code using using debugger ? If I want to use debugger then I have to use MPLABX ?
  6. Regarding PICit 3 why there is need of this and what I can do with it which I can't do with usb?
  7. It is showing error while burning bootloader.
  8. So what does that mean in simple language ? What I can not do using normal usb? One thing more MPIDE is taking far too long to upload the code so is there any way to fast the speed ?
  9. Then why I have seen in the internet that people have done programming of Max32 using Pickit 3 so what difference it makes if I do programming using separate debugger or using usb?
  10. Thanks and what is the difference between Max32 and Max32 chip kit? Do I need separate debugger for the programming of both chip kit or they are the same? Can I do programming using USB port only ?
  11. I am new to diligent max32 chipkit and max32. I have max32 and max32 chipkit with pickit3. Could you tell me the best starting point to learn programming on this embedded devices? I am interested to know about MPLABx and MPIDE.