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  1. AJS


    Hi JColvin, Thanks for the helpful response. With Regards, Ajs
  2. Hello, I am trying to display text on an image using the libraries provided . I am able to load the image and print text separately but when an image is loaded and i try to display text on it, it does not seem to print. How can i print text on a image loaded from sd card present in Pmod MTDS. With Regards, Ajs
  3. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Thank you. Regards, Ajs
  4. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Hello, Is there any specific reason why it has to be connected to Pmod JD? Regards, Ajs
  5. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Thank you very much, i will look into the examples and links what you have mentioned. Regards, Ajs
  6. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Thank you for your response, a very neat and clear explanation and right on what i wanted to find. One last question on this MTDS, do we have any Pmod drivers or PmodMTDS drivers in linux? Regards, Ajs
  7. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Hello, Thank you for the demo files, can you specify what is the function of pin 8 that is rest pin in the device? Is it active high or active low? and what happens when reset is asserted and when should be assert it? Thank you, Regards, Ajs
  8. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Thank you for your response. How can i include the reset pin? and what will that reset do? Am using Vivado 2017.4 and trying to use MTDS with zedboard and custom board consisting of part XC7Z020CLG400I, demo projects using zedboad (with reset pin) would be really helpful. Am very grateful to you, thank you. Regards, Ajs
  9. AJS

    Pmod MTDS

    Hello am new to this to and this is bit confusing. Am working with Pmod MTDS and trying to use Pmod MTDS IP in zedboard board. I have used the library and board files as stated by Digilent. Problem is when i use MTDS in spi interface mode and i get only 4 pins in IO planing list and reset pin (pin 8 in Pmod MTDS device) is missing. Can anyone tell me how to get that reset pin or am i doing it worng? 2nd question is what data has to be written to the mtds to display it in device? I mean if i need to display number " 1 " then what am i supposed to send to MTDS ip? And last quest