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  1. So we are trying to take the IP block methodology where we have an axi_i2s_adi block connected to the zynq processing system. We are unsure how to get the MUTE_0 output HIGH as required by the SSM2603 chip to output the data.
  2. Hey guys, We are currently two students trying to use the Audio chip(SSM2603) on the Zybo board. Currently we are unsure on how to generate a proper block design(IP) that would allow us to generate a bitstream and take in input from the mic line and send out that audio output. We were also wondering what VHDL code was used for the audio codec package. We have been trying to use the axi_i2s_adi block but are unsure on how to use it due to the lack of documentation. Kindly help us by sharing projects or ideas! Best Regards!