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  1. Thanks attila, you saved my day ! I've added a screenshot ot clarify for other users on what to do (Windows 7 64-bit). Question atilla : you mention that this driver version has some problems Q1 : can you tell more about which problems this driver has, as the HS2 seemed to work ok so far (up to Vivado 2015.4) Q2 : do I use windows driver update, or download the latest version from the FTDI site, or from the Digilent website? note : I never manually installed a driver for the HS2, I believe Vivado does install 'cable drivers' (for both their Xilinx cable and Digilent cables). So if I understand your remark correctly, these drivers are outdated and have issues.
  2. I'm using a HS2 JTAG probe with Vivado since a few years, working fine. Somehow I had issues with another USB to serial device, therefore in windows device manager I uninstalled that driver, but accidentally also the HS2 device driver. After plugging int the HS2 device again, windows started to install a driver for the HS2, but it has made it a regular 'COM' port as before. I was pretty sure in device manager it appeared as 'Digilent' instead of 'COM port'. Also, now in Vivado I see 2 com ports in my serial terminal, while before the digilent adapter did not appear as a COM port (of course). So I think windows did not select the correct driver - how can I manually re-install or assign the correct HS2 driver? In device manager I can manually select a driver, but I don't know which location on disk to point to ... Is it in some Vivado subfolder or ? I've attached some screenshots of the device manager showing which drivers were installed for the HS2. Note that it says 'FTDI', while I believe it said 'Digilent' before. I've also attached VID/PID info.
  3. Hello, I currently use a JTAG-HS2 cable with my Zynq development board. What would be the advantage or disadvantage of switching to a JTAG-HS3 cable with (exclusive) regard to using it with Zynq devices (Through Vivado 2014.4 and SDK)? I found this comparison table : http://www.digilentinc.com/choosing.cfm I think the big difference towards Zynq is the PS_SRST support, however it's not clear to me what exactly this is? I can use the Zynq now with my HS-2 cable, put breakpoints, ... so I wonder what this extra feature might bring to the table. I guess the 'no support for 2-wire JTAG' and SPI' is not an issue with Zynq devices (?) best regards