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  1. Although the NPN transistor package Q2 listed in the BOM from the Digilent site is a single unit (MMBT3904WT1G), the schematic and what I see before me is definitely a dual-package. Luckily, the interconnections match a standard dual-package NPN pinout (link). LD5 is definitely being controlled by pin6 of IC2 (PIC32MX795F512L). How this maps to "int ledPin = 86;" in MPIDE I'll need someone to please explain to me. Help!
  2. Even the datasheet for the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L lists pin 86 as a VDD input (see below). How can the MPIDE sketch possibly work using "int ledPin = 86;" And yet it does. Hmm... ???
  3. Okay, I need someone to please point out the key piece of information I'm missing. I have years of microcontroller programming experience but am new to Digilient products. I have a chipKIT Max32 with "REV D" printed on the back in silkscreen. I look at the Rev D schematic on the Digilent website, and on sheet 5 of 5 there is a LED with reference designator "LD5" that is controlled by net "T2CK/RC1" (see snapshot below/attached). On schematic sheet 3 of 5 I see where the net "T2CK/RC1" is connected to reference designator "IC2PC" "Port C" on pin 6 (see snapshot below/attached). I program the most basic blink-LED example in MPIDE and... LD5 does not blink. I Google the situation and find someone else having the same problem but is given the only partially helpful tip of "... LD5 isn't on pin 6, LD5 is on pin 86." (see link). I change my MPIDE sketch to "int ledPin = 86;" and sure enough it works! Looking through the schematic, pin 86 is a VDD pin on sheet 2 (see snapshot below/attached). What is going on? Can someone please point out my error in thinking?
  4. ‚ÄčThank you, Christian. I indeed received a Rev D Max32 and Rev C Network Shield. What were the changes in the Max32 between Rev D and E? From a brief side-by-side comparison of the schematics available on the Digilent website, the only change that stands out to me is in Rev E with the addition of J18. Anything else? Why was this implemented? Thank you!
  5. The websites for the chipKIT Max32 and Network Shield both list multiple revisions of schematic (D vs E for the Max32; D vs F for the Network Shield). Both websites, however, only list a single orderable part number. What revision / version of hardware am I ordering? To add to the confusion, I called Digilent today and the sales gal confirmed with shipping that both units are only shipping revision C. ???