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  1. Hi @jpeyron Thanks for the links. For the Petalinux support for Digilent boards, I don't see a version specifically for the Zedboard, unless it's being called by a name I don't recognize. Do you know if there is a board file that most closely matches it? Thanks, Stu
  2. Hi, I came across this tutorial that @Commanderfranz created for the Zybo It is also referenced here:, which also includes the "Embedded Linux Tutorial for the Zedboard". As far as I can tell the Embedded Linux Tutorial for the Zedboard uses the Xilinx ISE instead of Vivado. What differences will there be to follow the "Embedded Linux Tutorial for the Zedboard" tutorial in Vivado? Likewise, what differences will I have to make if I follow the on the Zedboard? My initial skimming of the tutorial makes me think that the most obvious thing will be changing the constraints to match the Zedboard for the custom LED IP that is being created. The only other thing that I see that would need to be changed is creating the base system. The base Zybo system looks like a simple Zynq IP with a few GPIO modules to support the LEDS, switches and buttons. Is there anything else that I would need to include for it? Or perhaps is there a better/bigger image of what the Zybo base system looks like? Thanks, Stuart
  3. Hi @[email protected] I think the last time I thought about using UDP was when I was still trying to figure out how to get information off my Zedboard. I think UDP would be a viable solution, although I think I am still stuck at how do I access the those same data structures mentioned earlier. I am probably just having a mental hang up on how do I initiate the comms since nearly all of the examples I see of Ethernet comms involves responding to a query.
  4. Jon, I think I have a good understanding of how you have modified the echo server program to respond to the temperature and humidity queries. What I am stuck on is how to get the Zedboard, in my case, initiate communications with a PC. This would be after the all of the communications has already been established in this current example. I plan on keeping the "echo" portion of this example intact since I would like the PC to be able to query the Zedboard as to the current temperature. Taking the basic premise of what is being talked about here, I would like to have an interrupt service routine, or a timer, or even some code inside the infinite loop in main(), be able to periodically check the current temperature. If it exceeds a threshold, I would like the Zedboard to initiate communications with the PC to let it know an alarm situation is present. I understand how the recv_callback() function is working to process the incoming "echo" commands, but am stuck in understanding how the main() function, or other routine, is able to access the tcp_pcb datastructure necessary to initiate communications to the PC. I think I understand how recv_callback() has been modified so it will send back our custom text, but I don't see to create the datastructure to initiate communications. The Zedboard would always be talking to the same PC at a known IP address and port. Any help or direction in how to proceed will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stu
  5. Hi, I have used Vivado to create a circuit on my Zedboard to do some math and store the results in a FIFO RAM block. I can use the SDK to retrieve the numbers and display them to my terminal, which is a slow process, and which requires additional steps to analyze the data. I have a purchased a few PMODS (a RS232 port, NIC100 and SD card) in an attempt to get the data off of the board and into my PC. I am looking for a "Hello, World" tutorial in Vivado and the SDK in which the Zedboard sends hello world off the board through a PMOD utilizing either a RS232 port, Ethernet, or SD card. Any help in how to do this will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Stuart
  6. Hi, My name is Stuart and I have been programming with my Zedboard for about 8 months now. I am primarily interested in parallel computing and am currently scouring the Internet trying to figure out how to use my PMODs on my Zedboard utilizing Vivado. Nice to meet you all!