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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Yes, that is the cap I have been measuring. Thanks, Micah
  2. hi @jpeyron, C115: 3.3V C126: 120mV (as long as I am measuring the correct place) Thanks, Micah
  3. Hi @jpeyron, I have been using the USB port on my laptop as power, so no hub. As for the measurements you asked for, I am not completely certain that I measured the right caps, but here are the results that I found: C138 : 0-5 mV C144 : 0-5 mV C116: 4.8 V C118: 1 V C120: 1.35V C124: 3.3V C126: ~100mV Thanks, Micah
  4. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for the response, I have switched USB cables and ports. I have also noticed that the IC's and caps near JP3 and JP4 are getting quite hot, and the tx LED has now shut off. I am unsure if the temperature is within reason, but it is certainly hotter than I would have expected. Upon inspection, I have not seen any visible shorts, but something of that nature feels likely to me. Micah
  5. I have been working on developing an I2c interface on the arty s7 board, and during one of my hardware tests, I noticed that my debug LED's had shut off. I went to resend my bit stream and noticed that my hardware manager was no longer connected to the device. Whenever I plug the device in, it is clear that I am getting power, as the done LED, the power LED, and the TX LED are all on. However, when I attempt to reset the device using either the reset or program button, no change occurs (that is, the strobing LED pattern does not commence as it has in the past). I have checked my device ma