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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Yes, that is the cap I have been measuring. Thanks, Micah
  2. hi @jpeyron, C115: 3.3V C126: 120mV (as long as I am measuring the correct place) Thanks, Micah
  3. Hi @jpeyron, I have been using the USB port on my laptop as power, so no hub. As for the measurements you asked for, I am not completely certain that I measured the right caps, but here are the results that I found: C138 : 0-5 mV C144 : 0-5 mV C116: 4.8 V C118: 1 V C120: 1.35V C124: 3.3V C126: ~100mV Thanks, Micah
  4. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for the response, I have switched USB cables and ports. I have also noticed that the IC's and caps near JP3 and JP4 are getting quite hot, and the tx LED has now shut off. I am unsure if the temperature is within reason, but it is certainly hotter than I would have expected. Upon inspection, I have not seen any visible shorts, but something of that nature feels likely to me. Micah
  5. I have been working on developing an I2c interface on the arty s7 board, and during one of my hardware tests, I noticed that my debug LED's had shut off. I went to resend my bit stream and noticed that my hardware manager was no longer connected to the device. Whenever I plug the device in, it is clear that I am getting power, as the done LED, the power LED, and the TX LED are all on. However, when I attempt to reset the device using either the reset or program button, no change occurs (that is, the strobing LED pattern does not commence as it has in the past). I have checked my device manager and found that the s7 is no longer connected, and have restarted my computer as well as unplugged and replugged the s7. My primary concern is that this may be a hardware issue, but I am unsure as to what I could have done to cause this. I have been running 3 3.3v pins from the arty to a teensy. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Micah