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  1. No apologies necessary. I am grateful for your assistance. By manipulating the servo I have managed to achieve it proceeding in a straight line. For my initial demo I made the robot follow a course which is sufficient for now. I will test the sensors more extensively at the end of the week. If you have any code or other ideas to test the sensors, please pass it on. Once again Thanks
  2. I changed the batteries to a fresh set and that seems to have the solved the servo problem. However right servo moving faster than left. Pls advise Thanks
  3. Could it be a faulty servo?
  4. #define pinServoLeft 21 #define pinServoRight 20 I have attached the servo to the other two pins. The result is the same, the right servo "hangs" and does not complete the circle even if the left one is disconnected. The left servo does not have the same problem and makes a full circle when the right servo is disconnected. (using my code above)
  5. I am at another roadblock. The servo on the right side is causing the board to shut down. I have tried using the Basic program with no success. I have modified it a bit to show you the problem. I have set it to go in a square with the following code: Forward(); delay(5000); TurnRight(); delay(1550); Forward(); delay(5000); TurnRight(); delay(1550); Forward(); delay(5000); TurnRight(); delay(1550); Forward(); delay(3000); StopRobot(); When attaching one servo the robot moves, when attaching two, it stalls. Please advise as I am at my wits end. I wanted to m
  6. I have used a thinner line, the same thickness as the caulk line on my tile floor so that the 2 sensors remain accurate
  7. I have adjusted the sensitivity and this has made a difference to the 2 sensors in the middle. However the outer sensors do not respond. I think the PMODSL is faulty. To overcome this I have removed the 2 outer sensors and modified the code so the robot does not sense them. When testing the code the robot moves towards a black line, stops there and tries to follow the line. It follows the line very slowly with many stops in between. The robot also does not rotate both servos at the same speed. The right wheel moves faster than the left pulling the robot towards the right side. Any suggestions
  8. Or have I configured it incorrectly, Please advise. Thanks
  9. Two videos https://forum.digilentinc.com/gallery/category/2-support-galleries/
  10. I have attached videos of the robot. Please advise if it is faulty so I can return it to the supplier. Thanks
  11. Yes. I have connected the cables as you have mentioned and pressing the BTN2. I have verified this by running the basic program which allows the robot to respond to different buttons being depressed either moving it forwrd, backwards, left or right, However the line follower does not work. Could it be a faulty MX3CK board?
  12. Thank you for your time and patience. I have posted my images under the gallery. Hopefully you can diagnose the problem. https://forum.digilentinc.com/gallery/category/2-support-galleries/ This is the code I have been using. It is the reference version from the website: /************************************************************************/ /* */ /* SRK_Line */ /* */ /* */ /************************************