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  1. There have been other cases like this. The best solution is to use a high speed (good quality) USB cable.
  2. vicentiu

    Nexys A7 not working

    Can you try connecting it to a different system, preferably a desktop? We have seen laptop usb ports that don't give enough power. Can you also try with another USB cable? Do you have access to a power supply to see if it turns on when supplied with external power?
  3. As @xc6lx45 recommends, can you try the board on another system with a different cable and see if you reproduce the issue? Do you have any other fpga board you can try on that system and see if Hardware Manager recognizes it?
  4. vicentiu

    Nexys A7 not working

    Is it powered over USB, or an external power supply? Are any of the led's on? Can you send us a picture so we can see the jumper positions?
  5. It's hard to tell why the files aren't being added without seeing your exact setup (recipes, config files, etc). One of the causes for "not a dynamic executable" is some missing libraries, but there could be other causes. I saw you also posted on Xilinx's forum. The fact that it works in 2015 but not in 2017 indicates some changes were made in how Petalinux deals with adding components. Have you checked the differences in the user guides between 2015.4 and 2017.4? Check the sections about adding components and Appendix G: Obsolete Features. Other than that, Xinlinx devs can comment better on why it wouldn't work in 2017.
  6. Ultra96 is an Avnet product and we have no familiarity with it. Avnet has this forum dedicated for this class of boards. For reference:
  7. Please have a look at the following links. They should point you in the right direction.
  8. That sounds quite low. Try to get at least 6V throughout the cable
  9. Here are some thoughts and suggestions: Does it always malfunction in the same general area? Looking at the datasheet, the whole strip could be using close to 6A. If the wire soldering doesn't have a good connection, you would have increased resistance, hence an increased voltage drop along the way. The first segments are most solicited and the quality of the soldering there matters most. The datasheet also mentions that the led's need 6-7 volts. They apparently work with 5V, but with the increased resistance of the wires, it looks like it's dropping below a functional level. Suggestions: Check the voltage on the segment in the area where it starts malfunctioning and compare it to the voltage of the first segment. If you have an oscilloscope, look at the data line in the problematic area as that may give you some indications about what is happening.
  10. Looks like you're not using the latest version. git:// was replaced with git://
  11. What kind of projects? What are the projects for? What is the purpose of the projects?
  12. Yes, there is an option. Please look at section Using External Kernel and U-Boot With PetaLinux in User Guide 1144 on page 73.
  13. vicentiu

    Inter core communication

    Which board are you using? Can you provide more details about the neural network and your design?
  14. Digilent has only worked with Petalinux. We suggest contacting Xillybus for this. Or maybe other forum members have Xillinux experience and they can help out.
  15. From the project README, run the command without the -template option. petalinux-create -t project -s <path to .bsp file> Then you can make your changes. You could even do a build (petalinux-build) before making your changes just so you can see that the full build works. Some changes require a full build clean (petalinux-build -x mrproper)
  16. It looks like you took our petalinux project and added your hdf file to it? System-user.dtsi makes references to axi which was present in our Vivado design in the petalinux project, but you don't have axi in your design. Please remove all the references it's complaining about. Regarding a Petalinux "HOWTO", Xilinx's petalinux documentation in the best reference: You'll find most documentation about system-user.dtsi in the first link, and some in the second. Make sure you're looking at the guide for the Petalinux version you are using.
  17. We also have Quick Start video series here.
  18. Hello, Please check out our getting started guide at We also have the reference manual providing tutorials and example projects. thanks
  19. I'm not sure what your question is. You asked about running "cat /proc/cpuinfo", but then your log shows that you successfully ran that command.
  20. Digilent has only worked with Petalinux. We suggest you contact Xillybus for this. Or maybe other forum members have Xillinux experience and they can help out.
  21. Zedboard was a joint effort between Digilent and Avnet. We developed the board and Avnet took on the platform support and community forums at As you found out, Xilinx also provided their own bsp, but we were not part of that effort.
  22. We don't provide a BSP for ZedBoard. Where did you get the bsp from? I see has bsp's here. Xilinx also has a bsp here for versions 2017.4 to 2018.3. You could ask on their forums if you continue to get errors. thanks
  23. Hello, Please reference the following documentation:
  24. Have you read the following SDSoC documentation from Xilinx?