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  1. There is no difference. Sometimes distributors have different part numbers than our web store or the 410 can represent a bundle of AD2 (210-xxx) plus something else. If you need exact details, please contact sales at [email protected] Thank you
  2. vicentiu

    LabView Home Bundle

    Hello, Which DMM are you referring to? Who wrote the driver for it? Please try the LabVIEW Community Edition which was released today.
  3. vicentiu

    Eclypse pynq image

    Type the command: sudo su press ENTER run the ping command
  4. vicentiu

    Eclypse pynq image

    That's probably because you're not root. Do "sudo su" first.
  5. vicentiu

    Eclypse pynq image

    The command "ip" should be there.
  6. That is the problem. We'll work on getting a SYSROOT Windows can digest.
  7. vicentiu

    Eclypse pynq image

    You'll find the image at the link above. I'm not sure if Jupiter is included in the image, but I can get an answer tomorrow.
  8. vicentiu

    Eclypse pynq image

    Pynq is a specific development board. Are you referring to a Linux SD card image?
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  10. Hello, We replied to this issue over email. thank you
  11. Theoretically, you can do everything in bare metal that you can do in Linux. Practically, if there are libraries already implemented in Linux, reimplementing it in bare metal could be years worth of effort. Xilinx has some DPU resources but I don't know if they are for bare metal or Petalinux. I suggest looking at Xilinx's DPU resources to see if they are intended for bare metal or Petalinux.
  12. You can use Vitis in bare metal now. If you need Petaliux on the board, you are correct that you'd need a 2019.2 version of Petalinux.
  13. Hello, We have the Eclypse Z7 reference and Zmod demo materials posted. Zmod reference pages:
  14. You need to export a hdf file from Vivado which contains the bit file. The hdf is imported into a Petalinux build. You can read about the process in the following two Petalinux user guides:
  16. It might be more appropriate to not use linux... I'm going to move the thread to the FPGA area for better visibility since your question is mostly FPGA oriented.
  17. Do you plan on using Linux or just FPGA (and possibly baremetal)?
  18. I don't think there is a difference, but I've asked the sales department to confirm. Most are out for the holiday already so they might not respond until next year.
  19. What board are you using?
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  21. We haven't had a chance to work with Vitis and 2019.2 yet. We support Petalinux for our boards and for Zybo Z7-20 that currently includes 2017.4. You need to install 2017.4 for Zybo Z7-20 for now.
  22. 1. Petalinux 2019.2 could be used with Zybo Z7-20 once we upgrade the project. Updating the project from 2017.4 is complex and not really feasible to be done by anyone else other than us in order to support all interfaces on the board. 2. Projects are incompatible with other versions than the one it was created with. 3. This is more of a Xilinx question but it appears they have moved to two releases per year: at the end of Q2 and Q4. Please have a look at Xilinx's documentation regarding Vitis and Petalinux.
  23. Software development was slower than expected so we pushed it back one month.
  24. Looks like something didn't build properly. Start with a standard build of our project, make incremental changes and see at which change it stops booting / displaying boot messages on the console.