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  1. Both the kernel and u-boot build successfully from within Petalinux projects. That is the main workflow we support. We plan to update u-boot, it's just a matter of prioritizing tasks before we get to it.
  2. is just the kernel. To build a Linux image or use a prebuilt image for Cora use or depending on which version you have. We have no plans of working with buildroot since Petalinux integrates with the IP design from Vivado and makes the design flow easier to work with.
  3. Taking a quick look at your program, you're not checking if fopen succeeded. If fopen fails, you continue to use fp even though it's not a valid file handle. You can also use gdb to identify which line is causing the segmentation fault.
  4. issue resolved. thanks for reporting.
  5. Ah, I apologize... the Zybo-Z7 20 project is actually unique... While it is a 2017.4 it uses a 2018.2 kernel for Pcam support and the 2018.2 kernel has the FPGA manager as you said. This page talks about swapping bytes and also references Xilinx's documentation on the FPGA manager The Xilinx documentation doesn't mention byte swapping, but the section is called "Generating .bin from .bit file using Bootgen"
  6. xdevcfg is deprecated starting with 2018.1. 2017.4 uses xdevcfg
  7. It's the Pmod JA port. You can see it in the reference manual
  8. Please contact xillybus for this as we are not familiar with their products.
  9. vicentiu

    pmod can period

    Ok. I'll move the thread in FPGA since this is the Linux area.
  10. vicentiu

    pmod can period

    Are you using Linux or bare metal on the Zybo Z7?
  11. You can find the kernel configuration options here.
  12. vicentiu

    OpenCV and Pcam5-c

    It's an error from the audio driver which we haven't gotten to work in Petalinux. It does not affect video processing.
  13. Is there a reason you need 2018.3 specifically? Can you use 2017.4. Upgrading versions is a complex process.