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  1. On my arty spartan s7 I used 'SEKISUI #5760' which is an cheap adhesive thermal pad. And it seems to work great- it keeps the heatsink firmly connected to the chip and the chip runs a lot cooler. I dont know how thermally efficient it is though compared to the pastes. Something like: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Japan-SEKISUI-5760-Double-sided-Thermal-conductive-Adhesive-Tape-for-Heatsink-/171112683534
  2. tl;dr: If I use a 12v external power supply on my Arty-S7-50RevE can I use VIN (& GND) to power a 0.1A, 12v cpu fan? Longer: I'm having heat issues with my soft CPU on the S7 and so want to cool it before I take it multi-core. I've installed a heatsink (from here http://uk.farnell.com/fischer-elektronik/ick-s-14-x-14-x-10/led-heatsink-with-pins-square/dp/1850054). I've got a nice CPU fan left over from another project which fits my arty project well. However the fan is 12v. But I'm already powering the board with a external coaxial 5A 12v supply. Looking at the manual you ca