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  1. Hi mwingerson,

    I have recently purchased a Cerebot MC7 from Digilent with an intend to turn a 5v dc motor both direction with and external switch. I have used the demo, but whatever I try to modify the push button signal are not responding.

    Please I need your help.

    Thank you,


    1. mwingerson


      Hey LK,

      Unfortunately, I know the MC7 can be difficult to use.  I am unaware of any supporting libraries that help setting up the chip correctly so you are stuck manipulating the registers correctly.

      As for using the buttons, I checked the schematic and I bet the analog module is interfering with the digital IO pinned to the buttons.

      The ref manual isn't horribly clear on this but I think the analog modules should be selected by default.  So what you need to do is add this line to setup the pins as digital pins instead of analog pins.

      AD1PCFGL = 0x8100 ;
      Then you will be able to read the digital IO.
      Best of luck,