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  1. Cheers Attila, I see now, I hadn't actually entered the custom resistance value and only assumed. Many Thanks.
  2. Cheers Attila, Piotr, This tool is great, I performed the compensation and I get a nice flat capacitance measurement for open response (albeit a very spiky phase response). I do have a question: The compensation tool allows you to input your resistor value for accuracy, does it matter that we are not given this option in the main window?
  3. Is there instructions on how to do this, for instance does it matter which setup I am using (W1-C1-R or W1-C1-DUT)? I assume for open I am to just remove the load, and for short, short where the load would be? Appreciate your help.
  4. @Piotr Rzeszut I have done the device manager calibration, I notice there are open and short compensation options in the impedance analyzer, is this what you mean?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to measure the capacitance of a sensor, and am using the impedance analyzer tool to do so. If I do not connect anything I notice it sees a 22pF parallel capacitance. Is this because the program does not automatically compensate for the internal 24pF capacitance? EDIT: I am using the Analog Discovery 2 with Waveforms 3.8.2