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    ZedBoard not turning ON

    Recd your PM, thanks.
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    ZedBoard not turning ON

    Hi @jpeyron, I cannot find your PM. Could you help me where I can locate it? Thanks, Dimple
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    ZedBoard not turning ON

    Hi @jpeyron, Thanks for your response. I measured the voltages across the capacitors that you mentioned. C334/C335 show 0V. There is a short across the caps. The other caps show expected voltages. So is it the regulator that has gone bad? Thanks, Dimple
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    ZedBoard not turning ON

    Hello, My Zedboard suddenly doesn't turn ON at all. It was working all well. A couple days ago, when I simply connected it to the power supply (not even to the laptop), the Power LED LD13 did not glow. The board is no longer being detected. I also checked the fuse F5, and it looks fine. What could have possibly gone wrong? Could you please help me troubleshoot? Or would it be possible to ship the board to Digilent for a check and repair? The board has been purchased less than a year ago. Thanks, Dimple
  5. Hi @JColvin, Sorry for the long delay. My answers are in red below. Do any of the IC's feel hot when you have the external power supply connected or previously when you were able to measure the voltages? And as some clarification questions, what do you mean when you say you are not able to measure any voltage now? Do you mean that you weren't able to measure voltages at that particular moment, or did they all read as 0V? Is this the case for the all the locations I asked about or just the ones you listed? Which zedboard do these voltages apply to, the stand alone board or the one with the extra FMC connector? Additionally as a confirmation, has the standalone board ever been used with the custom FMC connector? The board does not power on at all. The power LED does not glow when I turn on the Power-switch. As a result, all the voltages now read 0V. Since both the boards had issues, we have used both the boards in both ways, standalone and using the FMC connector. Could you provide a link to what power supply you are using for the boards and have you happened to try using a different power supply (to help rule out the possibility that the power supply decided to stop working)? The power supply seems to be working fine. The Adaptor is 12 V, 3A adapter, from Powertron Electronics Corp. The model number is PA1045-120HIB300. And as one more clarification question (sorry for having so many), when you say you are not able to program it, does that mean you are not able to detect it in Xilinx's Vivado/ISE or do you get some sort of error? Are you able to see the Zedboard in Digilent's Adept software? The board could be detected in Vivado, however I couldn't program the bit-stream or the C-code from SDK. Is there a possibility that the boards be shipped to you for repairs or is a replacement possible? I am really held up with my work on the boards and it would be great if something could be arranged. Thank you very much, Dimple
  6. Hi @JColvin, Thanks for helping out. I have answered your questions below: What type of power supply (i.e. voltage and current) are you using to power the board? I am using a 12V -3A power supply. Have you tried fully moving the power supply switch on and off a few times to ensure the board is fully "switched on"? I know that switches can sometimes be finicky in this way. Yes, I ensured the power supply switch is fully on. When you say the LEDs are partially lit, are you referring to LED 13 (the power LED)? No, I am talking about the eight LEDs on the board; LD0 to LD7. They usually never light up when the board is turned on. Strangely, now when I powered On the board to measure the voltages you asked me to measure, the board does not turn on at all. Neither the power LED LD13, nor the LEDs LD0 to LD7 light up. I am not able to measure any voltage now. However, I had recorded a few voltages before; I am writing them down here. Capacitors around IC27 C329 (should be 5V) : 5V C334 (should be 3.3V): 3.3V C339 when J18 is set to 1.8V: 0V C369 around IC 30(should be 5V) : 5V Thanks, Dimple
  7. Hi @JColvin, We are two people using one board each. One person uses the Zedboard with the custom board, and I use the Zedboard as a standalone board. The custom board simply has camera sensors which are fed to the Zedboard for processing. The reason I feel the problem occurred while using it independently is because the board couldn't be programmed when I tried to use it in standalone. When I then tried the other board to check if that was working, I came across the same issue with that board too.. I couldn't program both the boards, and both had partially lit LEDS on power ON, which is not the case if the board is functioning well. It is strange that this happened very suddenly..The boards were working fine when we were using them in the exact same way, and suddenly stopped functioning. Please help me on this issue. I am stranded with both the boards not working. Thanks, Dimple
  8. Hi Bianca, Sorry for the delay in my reply. We use the FMC-LPC connector J1 to connect the zedboard to a custom board. However, when the problem occurred, the Zedboard was being used standalone; with only two USB connectors for programming and UART. Thanks, Dimple
  9. Hello, We have two ZedBoards in our lab, purchased from Digilent. They both have stopped working. The apparent issue is the VADJ voltage on the regulator MAX15021ATI+ is 0V, instead of the expected 1.8V. 1. What could be a possible reason for such a problem to occur? (The same issue is seen with both the boards) 2. Is a replacement/repair possible for the boards ? Thanks, Dimple