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  1. Digilent driver providing only 0.6A at max for single motor. But I require current upto 1.5A how to overcome this problem. Also there is no braking in motor driver. Is there any option in driver to electrically brake the motor. Thanks in Advance
  2. Can we apply electrical brake to motors through this motor drivers?
  3. Thank you for your answer . I Am new to Myrio FPGA programming. I know to work with Myrio express tools. Can you send me any document regarding beginner level in FPGA programming. Also guide me how to copy LV-FPGA code of first encoder.
  4. How to use two encoder in myrio and diglent NI myrio motor adapter. Myrio A expansion port has only one direct encoder pins (pin 18 and 21). But in digilent motor driver there are two encoders. Is there any direct usage in LABVIEW or can anyone help me in programming additional encoders