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  1. Hello everyone! Current student studying Electronics, This has been my first semester with the Zybo board. I have done projects throughout the semester interfacing with multiple PMODS and on-board ports. I was wondering if anyone could help with getting me in the right direction. What I am trying to accomplish is to read Audio signals ( Analog sine waves in the ranges of 50hz-15khz) and convert to Digital values and check for Distortion with Digital processing and to possibly write code that will calculate how much distortion there is. The idea behind this project is to insure that you have a clean signal OR allow to set a certain amount of distortion. I have a background in car audio and it remains a hobby. I have worked with the on board XADC and the DA2 PMod. and understand how the process of reading analog data converting it to digital values stored in a array then sending the data back to analog. anything is appreciated! thanks.