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  1. Hi, The website provides support for adding the Nexys Video evaluation board to Vivado HLx, but not to Vivado HLS. I believe the board has to be added to the XML file VivadoHls_boards.xml in the Vivado/2018.2/common/config/ directory. What are the required fields for this board? I've guessed this, but have no way of verifying. <board name="Nexys-Video" display_name="Nexys-Video Artix Evaluation Platform" family="Artix7" part="xc7a200t-1sbg484c" device="xc7a200t" package="clg400" speedgrade="-1" vendor="" /> Thanks, Brian
  2. Hi, I have just bought the Nexys Video Artix-7 FPGA development board and would like to run the audio demo. I followed the instructions provided here: but the project does not run. I understand that this demo was created for an older version of Vivado and there will be some version issues. I was able to update the library functions and the TCL script as described here: but, I still can't run the simulation or generate the bitstream, get the following error: [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Top module not set for fileset 'sources_1'. Please ensure that a valid value is provided for 'top'. The value for 'top' can be set/changed using the 'Top Module Name' field under 'Project Settings', or using the 'set_property top' Tcl command (e.g. set_property top <name> [current_fileset]). It seems that there is no entry function to the design. How can I fix this? Also, I would like to look at synthesizing the audio C code. Does the example project include C synthesis? Thanks, Brian