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  1. Thank you everyone for the answer . After i read your opinions ,I thought about two ideas : 1. If the maximum pin voltage is 3.3V , i can add for example a 560 ohm resistor for maximum 6 ma current passing through the wire between the pin form fpga and seven segment display . 2. I can use a bcd to 7 segment decoder , wich only uses the signal provided by fpga ( because the decoder may have another power source ) . Is the approach correct?
  2. I have the board from Digilent Spartan 3E Starter Board and i want to know what is the maximum current can be driven from FPGA board to a load . My load will be a seven segment display and i don't know if i can supply my display with 5 -10 ma (on a single pin from the board ) without damage any parts of the FPGA board .