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  1. Final update to anyone who uses this as a reference. The Pmodrs232 worked, so it must of been some sort of ground reference issue.
  2. @JColvin So after extensive testing the only thing we can come up with is that I need to use something like: It appears to be some sort of issue where it will only read the serial when the ground is floating. We suspect that there are some things we don't know about going on and the only thing we can think of is that the external 232 serial needs to be converted to TTL serial as most other projects doing something like this are doing that.
  3. Yeah, there were no good drawings for how the encoder is actually set up, the ground is going to the ground of the encoder, it's just not shown. Here is the link for the Barcode reader: Specifically I am using the cable on page 8, Pin 4 on the cable is connected to the common, Pin 5 to positive. I've attempted to connect the output common also and it hasn't Changed the situation. I'm currently still working on it and I've isolated it to just the barcode reader as I was attempting to make progress by just flipping grounds when I need each device. After some time I needed to charge the battery (portable multiple voltage device charger (, that resulted in the barcode scanner not working again. So, i've disconnected the encoder all together and I'm able to replicate the same thing by plugging in the charger for the battery to the wall. I have a fused switch on the hot side of the plug-in so even if the switch is off and the battery is not charging (but plugged in) I can't get signals. I tried tying all the ground together again, thinking a true earth ground would help. But, again the problem continues.
  4. Hello! I've been having a mystifying issue and was hoping someone would be able to help. I have been fiddling with a WF32 project involving a barcode communicating over serial and a quadrature rotary encoder 200 P/R. I am unable to run both at the same time right now. I am running the encoder and barcode scanner from a 12VDC Battery, the encoder is open collector so because the WF32 has no internal pull-up resistors on most digital pins, I have made my own using about 18k resistors. The WF32 is being powered over UART right now, although I have tried to tie it into a 5VDC power supply with no luck. TX/RX from the barcode scanner is going to PIN 39/40 on the WF32, Can communicate when the common is disconnected from the 12VDC common Encoder signals are going to PIN 8/9, Will work when the common is connected to the 12VDC common Here is the basic circuit (I couldn't find proper components in fritzig at all so I made do with some ms paint haha). The red circle is the issue, if I connect it I get encoder but not barcode, vice versa if I remove it. Would be happy to share more if more information is needed.
  5. Quick Question, I recently purchased a WF32 as an alternative to the YUN and so far, it's been great. Are there Pull-up resistors on the board besides the I2C stuff? It doesn't look like it from the documentation... The YUN had them and just wanted to make sure I don't have to do something funny to get them to work before I go and do some redesigning.
  6. Cool, the protoshield is just a passthrough for easier mounting of the RTC so I can have screw terminals and it be compact. I think it'll work fine I just need to check the pinouts to see what they are really to on the WF32 and not use the markings on the protoshield
  7. Hey guys, quick question. I saw the "old" WF32 was UNO shield compatible. However, I've seen a few posts stating certain boards are not compatible. I'm looking to use an UNO protoboard to mount an RTC, there shouldn't be any issues correct? If Digilent has a protoboard for the WF32 I haven't been able to find one.