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  1. pcb9

    Zedboard Zynq 7000 UART PL

    Hi @jpeyron I will most probably use a Pmod and write a UART Verilog module. Thanks for answering my question. Thank you.
  2. pcb9

    Zedboard Zynq 7000 UART PL

    Hi, I cannot use the UART with the on board Processor System. I am using a Zynq 7000 Zedboard. Is it a possible to write a uart module in Verilog and use it with this board?Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. pcb9

    Zedboard Zynq 7000 UART

    Hi, I currently have a single cycle processor controlling a bunch of things according to instructions that I load into a memory module with an initial block. It works fine but I want to load instructions via the UART. I want to send a set of bits to the board. I have looked at several basic examples using PS. Ideally I would like to type in the instructions into a terminal emulator. Can this be done using PS? Or is it a better idea to write a basic UART module? Doing this for the first time. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.