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  1. Update: According to a Xilinx employee, the Z7 does not come with a battery for BBRAM. That would explain what was causing my issue.
  2. Hi @jpeyron, Thanks for your help. I'll keep digging and try my luck on the Xilinx forums too. Christian
  3. Thanks @jpeyron, Do you know if the Arty Z7 comes with a battery for the bbram? I just assumed it would, as the A7 did.
  4. Hello @jpeyron, I am trying to use bbram. I should've specified that in the original post, sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if there is anything else that is unclear about my issue. Thanks, Christian
  5. Hello Everyone, I am trying to get my Arty Z7-20 (XC7Z020) to boot from flash with encryption enabled. If I do not enable encryption, I am able to get this to work. I am using the tool "Create Boot Image" in the Xilinx SDK. I open the encryption tab and check the box labeled "Use Encryption" and provide the "Part name." The Part name I use is "XC7Z020." I have also tried "XC7Z020CLG400", which I found when using that board in a Vivado project. The Boot Image is created just fine, and I am able to program the flash. However, when I power on the FPGA, the done light does not come on and it seems to get stuck booting. I do have the jumper set to QSPI. Any idea why I am having this issue? Thanks, Christian
  6. Thank you for your reply. So you are saying that the Arty Z7 would probably be "CES" silicon? I am not sure I fully understand what production silicon is. If you can, would you mind explaining that?
  7. Hello All, Forgive me in advance for my lack of FPGA knowledge, I am an intern with mostly software experience. So I was looking to purchase the Arty Z7 APSoC Zynq 7000. I found the Xilinx issue AR# 47565 and some other forum posts saying that the type of Silicon may prevent the Zynq from using Secure Boot. The page I linked says that the Status of the problem is active. If you look at this page, the resolution status of the issue is fixed. Perhaps I am misunderstanding that table though. So would the Arty Z7 be affected by this issue? My end goal is to encrypt my C code from the SDK when it is read from memory upon booting up. Thank you, Christian