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  1. More precisely my question was about anyone having used this transceiver, through FMC, on this board. Using optical cables simply means you zero the SI factor which kicks in with DAC cables (at higher speeds). When we plug to our VC707 kit, we have no problem. We're well past debugging our application (which is essentially Xilinx' Aurora application). We have a problem with this [Board / FPGA / FMC Adapter] combination and I try to figure out at which tree to bark. The FMC adapter works at 10G no problem so it's probably out of the loop. Having lost JTag just makes debugging a little bit more complicated (we use our GB Ethernet IP). I looked at the Opal Kelly future board but I don't see the interface we need. Any other suggestions ? BR
  2. Hi, We own a Nexys Video board on which which try to hook an optical coupler (3.125G) to perform some tests using Aurora 8b/10b. We use a 3rd party FMC adapter. I think we've been careful to correctly set Vadj (to 1.8V), to adjust the adapter's PLL to 125MHz, etc. We even set a 1s delay between setting Vadj mux and starting the regulator (Vadj_enable). As typical, we lost JTag (this is known, and an overlook of the FMC adapter), but that's not my point here. The issue is we have lots of pain to get a LinkUp, and when we get it, the data integrity is not good. The documentation is very scarce, it mentions this link as "gigabit" (why ?). So anyone who has used the FMC connector and in particular the transceiver is very welcome to share his experience. We also are looking for an Artix 7 board with an SFP+ connector, or a working LPC FMC SFP+ adapter but we failed to locate anything affordable/available. Thanks in advance, Bert