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  1. axkb

    Yocto Zedboard

    Hello Everyone, I am using zedboard and yocto. I am trying to see video capture(via camera) with zedboard using yocto. Now ı can see test pattern via vga with yocto. But ı want to see vga as a device. if ı can see a device vga, ı can use gstreamer. But ı don't know how can ı do it.
  2. axkb

    Yocto and Vivado

    Hello everyone. I have a project which is about yocto and vivado. I have a hw design which is include vga also ı have already build a yocto image. The image include gstream and a lot of package. So ı want to merge eachother and ı want to syntonize hw and my yocto design. I couldn't enough document yet. How can ı do it. I am waiting your great suggestion. By the way I am using zedboard.