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  1. Thanks for the replies. Bought 2 from Mouser yesterday, can confirm that both have v1.18.3 CMD> RN4871 V1.18.3 4/14/2016 (c)Microchip Technology Inc Seems like a safe bet that recent Mouser stock of the PMOD is 1.18 if you hurry - can be upgraded pretty easy, see Appendix A of the eval user gude. EDIT: Whoops, had 2 connected, wrong COM port! V1.18 it is.
  2. I'd like to get this on order if possible, anyone know?
  3. I'm very interested in evaluating the Pmod BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy Interface, however, the documentation has me very perplexed. All documentation lists the module as RN4870. All pictures of the PMOD show a RN4871. What gives?