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  1. The Zynq is an amazing device. Early on I was going to blink an LED with a loop in C on one of the processors. So, I put a delay loop for (i=0; i< 10000; i++) etc. I had to make the delay counter a billion! I still have a lot to learn. Countless hours of entertainment. CRS
  2. Thank you for the reply. I am WFH and putting together a build that will run on Ultrascale hardware at work, and I thought I would try the simple version at home. Not a big deal. I can still prove the concept. While we are here, is it possible to access the MII interfaces from the PL fabric on the Zynq device, if one disables their use from the ARM processor? I have read the Technical reference manual, but there is a lot of material to digest there. Clyde
  3. What I/O standard should I select if I want to drive a high speed PMOD port differentially? and for Receive? It seems like with Vcco at 3.3V this is not possible with the native I/O buffers. Clyde
  4. Sorry, I will rephrase my question with much more detail and clarity, but for now, one thing that I don't understand is Petalinux seems to be grabbing Yocto files in the build that go with a later version of Vivado. That is, from 2019.2 when I am using 2017.4. Again, I will will spell out exactly what I am doing and where it falls apart. So much is right... it just dies at the very end of the build, so, I am very close and I have a whole lot correct.
  5. Clyde

    Pmod Connector

    Well, then, if you want a crimp terminal that goes into a housing, I would recommend Harwin for this kind of thing. I don't have a part number, but they make the receptacle that is a single, goes on the 0.025 post, with crimp terminals. This is the connector you see on JTAG programmers. My bet is that Harwin makes the compliment, with pins. Clyde
  6. Clyde

    Pmod Connector

    Go with the Sullins part above. If you want a board designed... let me know.
  7. I was wondering if he ever found replacement hardware for his application. I'd be interested in do a similar design if he wanted to entertain that, custom, the way he wants it. I did my own shield for the arty for audio in and out. Clyde
  8. Perhaps a schematic, part number or block diagram would help users help you.
  9. I wish I could at the very top level of the forum section have the option to search for posts by date, specifically most recent. I have received help from the forum and would like to give back... but so many posts are so old, they are not relevant most likely. Maybe this feature exists, but it is not obvious to me. Clyde
  10. I am re-designing an LED display module, similar to the PMOD SSD. It has 8 digits (I like LEDs) which are multiplexed. It requires two PMOD ports. I have used the prototype successfully on both the Arty A7 and the Zybo Z7. The current design blocks JA and JD on the Arty and JB and JE on the Zybo. The plan in the next revision is to have a bypass connection so that those ports are available for other use. It does not interfere with JA on the Zybo. I would provide a blank board, parts list (one part) and my Verilog HDL driver for it. Currently the design operates in a hexadecimal mode, or decimal. The code in decimal mode allows for leading zero suppression, or not. The decimal points may turned on in any desired pattern. I have yet to work out the logic for displaying a minus sign before a negative number, decimal mode. Is there any interest in me putting this up for sale? How about the analog interface module for the Zybo—two temperature sensor inputs and two 0-3.3 VDC inputs.
  11. Did you ever resolve this issue? Clyde
  12. To each his own. I have had to work with parameterized code (not mine) which is almost unusable and unreadable, and for me, readability is king. Properly done, I will agree with you. Clyde
  13. I have worn out my USB connector and will have to put in a cable, short, and overmold it hot melt glue, or go buy another one. My zybo has a power switch which saves the connector. A good quality micro USB connector should have at least 10,000 cycles. Clearly, the one on the Arty is the cheapest one they could find without regard to quality. Clyde
  14. In my experience the efforts to parameterize a design rarely pay off. A byte is going to be 8 bits for a long time. There is readability lost in the parameterization. I will stick with straight code with an emphasis on readability. Just my $0.0256 worth.
  15. Samtec makes one... Do you want a board design to go with it? Clyde