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  1. Hi @jpeyron Thanks for replying. I did try using different usb port/different cable and I also tried using external power supply. None of this worked. I don't have a DMM now. Let me buy one and measure the voltage. I will update once I have the result. Thanks for you helping. Heqing
  2. Hi DC, Thanks for replying. The USB port on my host computer is good. I connected another device to the port and it could read the device. I tried connecting my board to another USB port and it didn't work. I also tried the external power supply and that failed too. I didn't see any burned trace or component on the board. I did have some metal stuff on my desk and that was close to my FPGA board. I don't remember if the board ever touched that metal stuff but that was a very possible situation. I will use the DMM to test the board to see if I can find where goes wrong. Thanks for your helping, Heqing
  3. Hi, Looks like my board is dead. I was using my Arty A7 board (Arty A7-35T) to test an uart design. The board was connected to the host computer. Suddenly, the board was disconnected from the host computer and all the LEDs in the board were turned off including the power goood LED. I was uding USB power mode. I tried to disconnect the usb cable and reconnect it but it still failed. How should I deal with this situation? Is there a way to fix the board? Thanks, Heqing