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  1. Hi.

    I am trying to get Digilent Adept working on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise (which, as far as I understood, should be supported). 

    With Win7 x64, on the same machine, everything is working fine.

    On Win10, when I open Adept, I see that no devices are recognized (USB Serial Converter is recognized in Windows Device Manager).


    To get it working, I need to go to Adept Device Manager, click Enumerate, get the serial number, give some alias, and click Add Dvc, then Save, after which I get the "Cannot Save Table" message.


    When I go back to Adept main window, and click on the "Connect device" drop down box, it is suddenly recognized.


    I can use the JTAG-HS2 right until I close the Adept application. If I reboot the system, or just close and reopen Adept, I have to do everything again. Didn't have this issue on Win7.

    I have UAC disabled via registry, so it is running in Admin mode (tried to right click > run as administrator, didn't help).

    Adept runtime and Application versions are as follows:


    I suspect there is some kind of a compatibility issue of Adept with my version of Windows (10 x64 Ent version 1803)

    Can somebody please help?