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  1. Hi @jpeyron Looks like it's a symptom of a bigger problem, something related to Java installation on the PC. Which Java version do you recommend using?
  2. Hi @jpeyron I have no idea how, but after I did a reimage of the PC, with clean Win10 Ent. OS, the app started working. So there was something in my previous installs, that messed up Windows security settings. Now it seems to be working fine. Thank you for your help, Vadim
  3. Hi @jpeyron Do you have any update regarding the issue?
  4. Hi @jpeyron When I set the program compatibility mode to run as administrator, it generated some kind of log, not in the set directory, but in the Adept directory. Anyway, the log is attached. Adept behavior is the same DebugErc.log
  5. Hi @jpeyron I did what you asked, rebooted the PC, and Adept doesn't even write the log there.
  6. Hi @jpeyron Although I did it before, I did it again, and no, it didn't help. I also tried to update Java to the latest version, still seeing the same problem.
  7. Hi. I am trying to get Digilent Adept working on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise (which, as far as I understood, should be supported). With Win7 x64, on the same machine, everything is working fine. On Win10, when I open Adept, I see that no devices are recognized (USB Serial Converter is recognized in Windows Device Manager). To get it working, I need to go to Adept Device Manager, click Enumerate, get the serial number, give some alias, and click Add Dvc, then Save, after which I get the "Cannot Save Table" message. When I go back to Adept main window, and clic