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    gustavo345 reacted to mearcat in Digilent Recommended Textbooks-- Add Yours!   
    If you hear of or author a textbook featuring a Digilent product, we want to know about it! So far, we have the following list compiled:
    Digital Design Using Digilent FPGA Boards Verilog/Active -HDL Edition by Haskell & Hanna Introduction to Digital Design Using Digilent FPGA Boards- VHDL Edition by Haskell & Hanna PIC32 Microcontrollers and the Digilent chipKIT: Introductory to Advanced Projects by Ibrahim Real Digital: A Hands-on Approach to Digital Design by Cole FPGA Prototyping by Verilog Examples: Xilinx Spartan-3 Version by Chu Getting Started with chipKIT: The Arduino Compatible PIC32 Based Module by Hellebuyck Synthesis and Optimization of FPGA-Based Systems by Sklyarov & Skliarova iLab Analog  by Chen Yun Chao Digital Fundamentals by Floyd The Zynq Book by Crockett, Elliot, Enderwitz, Stewart Beginning C for Arduino by Purdum Electrical Engineering Practicum by Bowman FPGA Based System Design by Memon, Hassan & Memon Introduction to Electric Circuits 9th edition, by Jackson/Temple/Kelly
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    gustavo345 reacted to ASMartin in Digilent Recommended Textbooks-- Add Yours!   
    My personal library also includes:
    FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples: Xilinx Spartan-3 Version by Chu
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    gustavo345 got a reaction from JColvin in Sending messages on the PmodCLP   
    I did it

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    gustavo345 reacted to hamster in ISE 14.7 WebPack 8.1 for Windows 64bit?   
    Officially,no, And it crashes every time you open a file open or save dialog box.
    Unoffically, it works for me! 
    The fix is as follows. First run the normal install, then...
    Rename C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortability.dll to C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortability.dll.orig,   Then copy  C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortabilityNOSH.dll to C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortability.dll
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    gustavo345 reacted to Commanderfranz in ISE 14.7 WebPack 8.1 for Windows 64bit?   
    Hi Hamster,
    Thanks for helping out so quickly. I've also seen the unofficial fix work many times.
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    gustavo345 reacted to hamster in Basys �   
    Assuming you have wired up everything correctly, and you want to use four push buttons to drive a motor at one of four speeds (backwards fuil power, backwards half power, forwards half power,   forwards full power)
    In sort of VHDL psuedo-code you want to do do something like this. I haven't read the PMOD's reference manual, so I might have the logic level the wrong way around (active low vs active high for the PMOD's enable signal).
      ...      signal counter : unsigned (17 downto 0) := 0;      signal pwn_50_percent : std_logic := '0';   ... process(clk)   begin   if rising_edge(clk) then      case buttons is         when "1000" =>  -- Backwards full speed            pmod_dir = '1';            pmod_enable = '1';           when "0100" => - Backwards half speed            pmod_dir = '1';            pmod_enable = pwn_50_percent;           when "0010" => - Forward half speed            pmod_dir = '0';            pmod_enable = pwn_50_percent;           when "0001" => - Forward half speed            pmod_dir = '0';            pmod_enable = pwn_50_percent;           when others => -- no buttons, or multiple buttons so do nothing            pmod_dir = '0';            pmod_enable = '0';       end case;         -- Using a counter to make a 50% PWM signal       counter <= counter + 1;       pwn_50_percent = counter(17);  -- PWM Freq = clk / (256*1024), 50% duty cycle.   end if;; end process;
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    gustavo345 reacted to hamster in Basys �   
    Actually, there is demo project on the PMOD web page...
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    hamster ohhh thanks for your help, but do not know how to generate the PWM pulse
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    gustavo345 reacted to gustavo345 in Basys �   
    Hi to all, and thanks for the help................. I need control my motor reverse and forward and speed control pwm pulse width ,also buy a pmod HB3 my motor works to 12V, 2A....
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    (Argh! Why when I post does the edit window remain open with txt in it, so I click "Save Changes" again and double-post???)
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    gustavo345 reacted to logansam in Basys �   
    Not to hijack the topic, but thanks for bringing this to attention, I'll look into it.
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    gustavo345 reacted to hamster in Basys �   
    One other option if you need to drive high power motors, is to use a RC plane speed controller to drive the motor. Something like costs under $12 and will drive up to 360W. If you need to drive in reverse as well, then get a RC car speed controller, some models can also drive brushed (standard DC) motors.
    That then reduces the FPGA engineering to generating a 50Hz signal with duty cycle of between 5% and 10% (i.e. a pulse between 1ms and 2ms, every 20ms) - have a look at
    If you really want to avoid soldering, then using would allow you to connect up to four motors.
    As a bonus it also gives the option for extra isolation between the FPGA and motors - if you are building your own PCB you could even put an opto-coupler in the signal path, which could completely electrically isolate the FPGA from the (noisy) motor and battery.
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    gustavo345 reacted to LariSan in Basys �   
    Hello Gustavo, 
    Mike is correct, your question is extremely vague. It looks like you are trying to find a place to start?
    If so, we had a design project that used stepper motors--
    The project uses a Nexys2 and uses stepper motors for the targets. 
    That may be helpful as a starting point.
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    gustavo345 reacted to hamster in Basys �   
    You really haven't provided enough information for anybody to give you a sensible answer - what sort of motor? Do you need speed control? Forward and reverse?....
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    My name is Alex and works in Digilent as International Sales Manager. I am glad to have this forum to more easily to get in touch with customers. 
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    gustavo345 reacted to logansam in Welcome!   
    Questions will not be answered here, start a new thread in the Technical Forum
    Welcome to the Diglent Forum! Our goal is to not only create a place where you can get support for our products, but also a community to share your projects. We are just getting started with our forum, so if there is anything you would like to see or if you would like to make any suggestions, please head over to the suggestions forum and let us know. 
    My name is Sam, I am a web developer at Digilent.
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    gustavo345 reacted to gustavo345 in Basys �   
    good day .... I bought Basys ™ 2 Spartan-3E FPGA Board, I need help to control a DC motor, thanks for your attention.