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  1. Hello @attila, I have tried on different system. it is the same with different computer. I wanted to know do we have warrenty, so we can repair or replace or support to repair ourselves. I will check the ferrite bead and other suggesions. Thank you all the support
  2. Hello, We have two analog discovery 2 devices. both are not able to use it or detect. One device is not getting detected, and temperature is going upto 50 degree C near usb connection. 2. 2nd one is telling already an device is connected Please help to solve this issues. I tried reinstalling the waveforms software, using device fix i programmed still no solutions. Regards LT
  3. Hi @attila thank you on checking on it. We think analog discovery 2 is getting disconnected because of noise entering USB. Not sure. wanted to know if we can close the device which is opened and reopen in this scenario. because WF is not open and some function are running but in middle this scenario is created. This doesn't happen every time. ty LT
  4. Hello @attila We are using DWF lib. I have attached the example file.
  5. Hello @attila Using waveform version 3.8.11 Running code: ao = dwf.DwfAnalogOut() do = dwf.DwfDigitalOut(ao) do.enableSet(4, True)//error occurs here
  6. @attila @Dylan instead of resistors we can use buffers like ISO7221x. so slope will not be affected.
  7. @attila thank you for the clarification
  8. @attila Yes i have connected MISO and MOSI of a micro controller. i want to receive and transmit data with micro, making ad2 as a slave. I dont want to work in master mode spi_Slave is able to receive but not sending. see if you can help me to transmit from ad2 in slave mode. thank you
  9. hi @attila i tried the code you gave , I am getting like this i don't understand why ('Sending: ', [1, 2, 3]) is in MOSI and 0xFF in MISO.
  10. @attila This update solved thank you
  11. hi @attila yes transmitting from the ad2 python is perfect. Receiving is the issue.
  12. hi @attila i was telling about not
  13. HI @attila Can i get to know the reason for above issue?
  14. Hi @attila As you suggested the update of software i did but i see i can get some data but decoding wrong. actual data to be received 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,.... but i am receiving 0x5557,0x555d,0x555f,0x5575,0x5557,0x555d,0x555f,0x5575... i think decoding is wrong the signal on the wires are proper